A Former Army vet and CEO of a clothing company in Indiana is supporting soldiers by sponsoring The Tees 4 Troops Project to show support for our US soldiers. We are celebrating soldiers deployed overseas by initiating a BODO campaign (Buy One Donate One) and rewarding one anti-violence shirt to US soldiers deployed for each shirt sold. There are over one million soldiers acting as patriotic shields for our national protection around the world and we are trying to achieve a goal of donating an appreciative message to them by sending them our anti-violence themed shirts. Just as the pink ribbon brought more awareness to cancer, Zero Casualtees can do for violence awareness. Our mission is to bring awareness to violence through wearable billboards. With your purchase, you are showing support for the guys and girls who protect our way of life and give our troops the gift of appreciation.
You may also choose to donate to our campaign at gofundme.com/zerocasualtees