Bringing Violence Awareness To The Masses Though Fashion.

We Are A New Clothing Brand That Educate Through Stylish Apparel With Our Charitable Funding Platform.

Can we influence change in the world through fashion?
We answer with Zero Casualtees, our licensed  anti-violence uniquely designed T-shirts with a powerful anti-violence message.
Zero Casualtees is my registered trademarked brand that we are launching in the US ( zerocasualtees.com ). This is a three person  operation including my  son and we are  currently working out of a spare bedroom and garage on a shoestring budget. Our vision is to create a line of high-quality apparel while staying in step with today's fashion. Our creative work centers around our desire to relay a message of positivity as people mourn tragedies throughout the world. Our hope is to, through consumers, send a message of non-violence all over the world in hopes of creating a movement toward community peace. With your contribution, along with help sharing our story on social media, we can create a community of fashion conscious billboards that can advance one step further in preventing mass tragedies in our generation.

We’re dedicating $1 from each shirt sold to community programs that are geared toward non-violence, including community outreach, mentoring programs, skill building and conflict management.  We will also not outsource our manufacturing keeping it in house to provide jobs for surrounding communities.

One of our objectives is to do manufacturing in house and provide jobs and training to youths in the community.

Our company's short term goal is to sell over 1 million shirts and hats. This will raise over a million dollars for our anti-violence project.'

Violence is a characteristic of a person's behavior traits. It is a learned condition that can be reversed. This aligns with the concept that small causes can have large effects. We recognize that when it comes to the impact of violence, small changes can make huge differences.  Every problem has a positive solution. One by one we have to save each other.

Make A Fashion Statement While Investing In A
Non-Violent World.

We are seeking to raise money with our trademarked line of t-shirt apparel that can be considered a subliminal message to combat violence through fashion. We are members of an overwhelming community who are tired of hearing about the violence in this country and whose voices seem trapped. Whether or not we want to admit it, we all feel the need to be part of stamping out this disease. Zero Casualtees promotes non-violence with its brand of apparel. 

Nothing is trending more than random acts of violence in the world. Our quality brand of apparel can begin a movement that can turn the tide of history. We have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of a world that will bring clarity to a non-violent society with our line of positive apparel. Our apparel is about bringing communities together for something other than a funeral.


With the advent of social media, this project is branding our apparel as a movement that represents positive trending wear. They say you have to see a statement 7 times before it sinks  in.  Stylish wear is most times a projection of a persons  values.

Be prepared to see our apparel in stores like Macy’s, Sears, Foot Locker and Champs, etc. We want to change the benchmark in the apparel industry. Cause-related marketing for environmental issues is a growing concept, and there’s growing concern about violence in the world. Zero Casualtees message is: "Promoting non-violence in a subliminal process can bring peace in our lifetime.”

Zero Casualtees apparel will bring an awareness to a worldwide epidemic that is sweeping the nation as the Beatles did in 64'. A rapid mass movement through fashion is what the world needs today.

We will introduce a stunning line of t-shirts in many trendy designs and styles in this exciting tee culture.
Donations will be used to acquire equipment, inventory, lease, sales and marketing, web presence, R&D, etc. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and for our gratitude, a shirt will be delivered to you upon completion of the funding goal of our campaign and start of production.

We are focusing on providing jobs locally to stimulate the economy.

We also will keep you in the loop of our progress by sending you emails and may ask from time to time for your feedback and ideas. This alone is our way of reassuring you that your donation will be implemented  into the project and not squandered away.  Our vision is simply to create an environment that promotes, encourages and educates people on non-violence.
Our premier shirt will be of higher quality than the average apparel that's promoted today. We are jump starting our line with t-shirts with a couple of  creatively designed layouts that's in step with today's fashion stage with hopes of expanding into other apparel and accessories.

Please consider donating today to bring an end to this culture of violence and be part of an ever growing community of concerned citizens. We all have a strong passion and powerful urge to do our part in making this world a more non-violent society and your donation is a positive move in a peaceful direction. We'll also keep you informed of our every move. Hit the Donation button above to donate.
Show your concern about violence by becoming an advocate for non-violence in the world and help us reach our goal by donating to our Anti-Violence T-Shirt project today. Thank You.